Bacteria & Bad Odour Treatment

This service involves de-contaminating and deodorising the ventilation system to remove the bad odour and bacteria that has built up over time..

Why does this need to be done?

The main purpose of the air conditioning is to remove moisture within the interior of the car. When the air conditioning system is used it pulls this moisture out of the air and holds it in the evaporator in the form of liquid, this liquid (water) eventually drains away outside on the floor via a drain tube located in the base of the evaporator housing.
As this liquid drains away some moisture still remains on the evaporator. Over a period of time your air conditioning system including the ventilation air vents develop a build up of fungal deposits. These deposits increase in size causing a bad odour to flow through the interior cabin.

If left untreated these fungal deposits release spores which could be harmful to you. Breathing in these spores could lead to flu type symptoms and also cause problems for asthma sufferers.

To eliminate this fungal problem we advise you to use your air conditioning on a regular basis and to have the ventilation system treated every six months.
We use Forté products.
• Destroys mould and fungi on the evaporator.

• Eliminates unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems.

• Deodorise the passenger cabin of cigarette and pet smell.

• Provides a healthier environment for vehicle occupants.

This treatment does not contain solvent cleaning agents so is completely safe to use and will not affect any components, leather seats, wood and plastic trim.
NOTE: There will be a strong citrus odour left after the treatment. This is normal and will fade over time.
Ideally the pollen filter, which is sometimes located behind the glove box should be replaced. The pollen filter plays a very important role of keeping airborne particles out of your cabin, such as dust, pollen and leaves and by replacing this filter on an annual basis keeps the air coming in the cabin filtered and fresh.

The image to the right shows a comparison of a new one and a contaminated one. It shows how contaminated these filters get, so it is important to change them when you have a bacteria treatment service done.
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